Hunch Engine®

The Hunch Engine® is Icosystem’s patented tool that lets you search “when you don’t really know what you are looking for, but you’ll know it when you find it.” Given information on options and taste, it identifies subtle patterns and makes personalized suggestions. Hunch Engine takes you beyond your imagination and opens up a world of new and perhaps better answers to your search question.

The user in a typical Hunch Engine application navigates through a universe of items, each a possible solution to their search, pointing out the most interesting or promising ones and asking the computer to show more. The new items are chosen by our proprietary behavioral modeling and artificial intelligence algorithms, to emphasize the characteristics that the user seems to prefer, even though he or she never said so explicitly. Even if you don’t know how to explain the characteristics of an optimal solution, with the Hunch Engine you can find it.

Take a look at our labs page to see demos and examples of the Hunch Engine!


Icosystem Corporation • 222 Third Street, Suite 0142, Cambridge, MA 02142 • Voice: (617) 520 1000

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