Benefit Plan Design

Key benefits

  • Provides reliable, factual support for what constitutes a good, profitable product, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and guesswork
  • Allows on-the-spot modification and analysis, which enables sales people to offer only products they know meet both client and profitability criteria
  • Enables on-the-spot product design, eliminating the need for long wait times while customized products are vetted internally
  • Allows companies to monitor the best times to introduce new products, how long to offer them, how and when to change them

Possible applications

  • Insurance or health care policies
  • Financial services products

What is the optimal product design that maximizes purchases, usage, and customer experience? Today’s marketplace is highly fragmented, consumer targeting is increasingly precise, and the wealth of online information makes products and their performance more transparent than ever. Determining what features result in end products that are both profitable and likely to outperform their competition needs to take into account the properties of the consumer base, the constraints of the product, and the likely behavior of the competition.

Icosystem approaches product design as a search for the optimal solution in a complex space. Our models use optimization and simulation techniques to evaluate the performance of millions of possible feature permutations to find optimal products for any particular product category, consumer population, and competitive environment.


Case Studies



"This is like moving from the Farmer's Almanac to Doppler Radar."

--Jack Lord, Chief Innovation Officer, Humana

"We achieved a 100:1 return on our investment."

--John Bertko, Chief Actuary (retired), Humana

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