Portfolio Management

For companies with long and costly product development processes–and a dependence on that process for future profitability–managing the portfolio of potential new products is serious business driven by one overriding question: Are we investing in the right thing?Ā  Icosystem’s scenario modeling tool is designed specifically for this purpose and to answer that question. Explore a wide range of possibilities for process modification, from determining the best way to allocate internal resources at different phases of a project to ascertaining whether outsourcing–or in-sourcing–makes sense.

Key benefits

  • Provides exceptional flexibility to define phases, needed resources, or asset properties to replicate or modify internal processes
  • Enables you to structure potential licensing deals involving external partners
  • Lets you predict optimal scenarios for desired end results

Possible applications

  • Drug development
  • Chemical compound development


Case Studies



"Compared to a standard 40 months and roughly $25 million, ...[we] reached the same amount of technical success in a year and a day with a total expenditure on the order of $2.7 million."
--Neil Bodick, COO, Eli Lilly Chorus

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