Personnel Management

In a work environment subject to rapid and significant change, managing workforce inventory and forecasting future needs become increasingly important and, at the same time, more difficult.Ā  The complexities of matching needed skills with likely candidate qualifications is a daunting exercise, particularly if you must project what skills will be needed at a future time. Not surprisingly, personnel projections have traditionally been relegated to spreadsheets, statistical averages and considerable guesswork.

Icosystem’s flexible solution uses your own data, existing workforce contracts and strategic plans to project how staffing needs will be affected by changes in the marketplace, in company direction, or in personnel policies.

Key benefits

  • Provides more than statistical aggregations; provides insight into what motivates people in your organization and how they make career decisions
  • Identifies likely workforce responses to economic or market changes
  • Allows you to project the impact of changes in policy or strategy and to recommend policy changes accordingly
  • Supports succession planning and career tracking to fill anticipated gaps
  • Enables fast response to identifying new skill sets and personnel needs in fast-changing environments

Possible applications

  • Armed forces manpower planning
  • City, state, and federal planning under different budget scenarios
  • Merging and optimizing workforces


Case Studies


"La Poste is always looking for ways to improve the productivity of its mail distribution and keep mail carriers engaged. Icosystem showed us the route!"

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