Vulnerability Testing

Networks that are unusually large pose particular difficulties in understanding the nature and importance of their multiple connections.  A critical problem is if the failure of a few elements in the network can result in a broader, system-wide failure. The problem is compounded when real-world testing is not feasible or performance data is unavailable.  Lack of system knowledge can severely hamper efforts to strengthen the system or to automate it.

Icosystem’s optimization technologies explore design possibilities and evaluate their relative strength under simulated conditions.  Unlike approaches that test systems against single points of failure, Icosystem’s methodology recognizes and tests against multiple failure points.

Key benefits

  • Protects against system failure from unsuspected “weak links”
  • Executes stress tests not possible in real-world situations
  • Identifies vulnerabilities not otherwise apparent
  • Identifies most robust designs or solutions

Possible applications

  • Large, real-world systems where the number of elements and possible failure points is so large that a search of all possible combinations of failures is virtually impossible
  • Hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, computer or communications


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