Strategic Communications

Strategic communication decisions evaluate both options for action and possible methods to communicate those actions.Ā  Analysis predicts the combined effect of specific actions and communication strategies.

Evaluating strategic communications is particularly relevant in campaigns to win the hearts and minds of a specific group or in situations where you are interested not only in an audience’s perception of your organization/product/action but also in how what you do affects the audience’s perception of competitors.

Because Icosystem’s solution models individuals as agents, it ties closely to the real world and allows a wide variety of data, such as cultural differences.

Key benefits

  • Finds the optimal configuration of actions and communication plans
  • Identifies the best channels for disseminating a particular message
  • Measures audience awareness and perceptions of your actions
  • Suggests likely behaviors in response to your actions
  • Measures audience allegiance
  • Allows segmentation of audiences and their responses

Possible applications

  • Identifying citizen reaction to military strategies
  • Determining media mix


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