Social Networks

Social network analysis provides valuable information about what factors influence group behavior. Icosystem’s solution looks beyond demographics to explore a wider range of the group members’ relationships, behavior, preferences and activities in general.Ā  Predict whether these affinities are beneficial or harmful to you, how relationships and group dynamics change over time, and how/whether behaviors change in response to changes in the community.

Key benefits

  • Predicts impact of actions to promote (or disrupt) group activity
  • Identifies key players, sources of influence, and leverage points in a network
  • Quickly recognizes important changes in group dynamics and/or leadership
  • Provides better understanding and ability to monitor or market to influential consumer groups
  • Shows the network and relationships within it using visual diagrams

Possible applications

  • National or international political intelligence
  • Consumer segment management
  • Military strategy
  • Law enforcement initiatives


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