Blog Analysis

With blog analysis you can get a true sense of what people think of your brand and what they are saying about it. Blog analysis extracts meaning from the many blogs, posts, and websites that are relevant to your organization or product.

Using our Infomous(TM) content visualization technique, identify clusters of similarity in content–people talking about the same thing, expressing similar opinions, linking to the same sites or blogs, for instance.  The clustering categories can vary, determined by what you believe is meaningful information.

Key benefits

  • Provides an easy-to-understand visual representation of the blogosphere
  • Allows ongoing user evaluation and filtering
  • Permits tracking specific topics or perceptions to see how they change over time
  • Identifies and allows focus on blogs most important to you
  • Allows fast pick-up on negative talk about your brand
  • Can be built from known blogs or RSS or Twitter feeds or other information sources

Possible applications

  • Public relations monitoring
  • Identifying target markets and structuring messages to them


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