Forecast the Impact of Marketing on Brand and Opinion

Today’s consumer has become the brand curator: word-of-mouth, buzz, viral marketing, social networks, blogs, and opinion sites. These and other forms of social interaction are thought to influence at least two-thirds of all purchasing decisions. Yet few methods exist to help you measure their impact. Even fewer methods help you understand how they might impact sales, marketing and other parts of your business. That’s why Icosystem’s ability to capture and predict these kinds of consumer behaviors is so important. Icosystem’s Concentric(TM) Platform enables you to understand your consumer and direct your business in ways never before possible and ways that have a measurable impact on your marketing ROI.

  • A Fortune 500 health insurance company models social networks of seniors to understand how best to design and market its new Medicare products.
  • A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company discovers that social interactions among physicians have a profound
  • Impact on prescribing patterns for a high-cost drug that can save lives in the emergency room.
  • A Global 100 electronic goods manufacturer is able to assess the impact of cross-segment influence on the
  • penetration of new computers in emerging markets.
  • A national restaurant chain analyzes channel productivity and allocates its marketing spend to maximize
  • traffic to its many locations.

These companies turned to us because our Concentric(TM) software platform can take account of detailed aspects of consumer behavior, including the impact of advertising and social interactions on their preferences and purchasing patterns. Our technology gets rid of unknowns and minimizes the guesswork in strategic decision-making so that you can predict your ROI with an unprecedented degree of confidence.

This is a radical departure from traditional marketing, where typical analytical techniques and statistical models are limited to finding correlations between variables based on historical data. These models cannot cope with the complexity that results from complicated social interactions and are thus unable to predict or measure the profound impact of consumers communicating directly with one another about their product experience.

  • Optimize media spend across both traditional and non-traditional channels.
  • Forecast the outcome of product launches.
  • Improve customer segmentation and targeting.
  • Test new activities in simulation before rollout.
  • Make better use of existing consumer data and identify other data needs.
  • Measure and respond to changing consumer demand and opinions more quickly.
  • Forecast, prevent or minimize negative word-of-mouth and bad PR.


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