Fisheries Model


Funded by a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, Icosystem built a software program to model the economic environment of a fisheries supply chain.

Icosystem used Agent-Based Simulation techniques to model the Mindoro yellowfin tuna fishery in the Philippines. An Agent-Based Simulation models entities such as individuals, communities, and markets as mathematical formulas that emulate the real world decision-making logic of the entities being modeled.

The main focus of the model is the supply chain relationships between fishers, middlemen, exporters, and the markets between them. We focused on understanding the consequences of possible interventions on municipal fishers. We were not concerned with capturing the behavior of fish stocks, nor of consumers, in great detail. Instead, we tried to model each agent in sufficient detail to capture the dynamics of the supply chain system as a whole, and how they impact municipal fishers’ daily lives. Learn more.



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