Concentric, Inc.

After six years of development, Icosystem launched Concentric as a freestanding business unit in 2010. Concentric has a suite of solutions that simulates how consumers will respond to a brand’s marketing campaign by examining how paid and earned media, product usage, and competitor reactions interact to drive choice.

Concentric solutions are based on social network analysis, behavioral economics, neuroscience, psychology, theories of interpersonal influence, and the latest in marketing research. The insights we provide help brand marketers, consultants, and agencies predict ROI, brand equity, and sales.

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Case Studies




"Instead of spending $30 million on a campaign you're not sure is going to work, you can try it."

--Maury Giles, VP Analytics and Accountability, GSD&M IdeaCity

"It is within 95 percent of what actually happened. It allows for a certain amount of confidence. "

--Rene Heuy-Lipton, VP Marketplace Planning, GSD&M IdeaCity

Icosystem Corporation • 222 Third Street, Suite 0142, Cambridge, MA 02142 • Voice: (617) 520 1000

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