About Us

Icosystem was founded in 2000 by Eric Bonabeau, one of the world’s leading complexity scientists, to incubate breakthrough ideas that solve society’s toughest problems that face us today.  Icosystem includes a world-class team of forward-thinking scientists, technologists, and consultants who drive real-world results that satisfy clients in a broad range of settings.  We use network analysis, behavioral modeling and complexity science to simulate a business or other environment and analyze innovations for their potential success.  Read more about these approaches and solutions in Icosystem’s blog.

Our consulting services focus on building analytical tools and customized software to address a client’s specific needs and unique scenarios to help them identify better strategies, make more informed decisions, and respond more quickly to change.  Once we develop increasingly perceptive ways to explore, understand and act on the behavior of multifaceted and seemingly unpredictable systems, we establish those solutions as independent businesses so those businesses can scale. When appropriate, we also sell or license the considerable intellectual property and patents developed internally.  This includes such products as Concentric, the Hunch Engine®, Infomous(TM), Mobius® and Nymbler(TM).


Icosystem Corporation • 222 Third Street, Suite 0142, Cambridge, MA 02142 • Voice: (617) 520 1000

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