9 Ways to Apply Predictive Analytics to Healthcare

Here are nine ways using predicitve analytics can improve results for both the patient and businesses participating in the complex healthcare market:

1. Model drug development collaborations that maximize IP and drug discovery.

2. Simulate PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) for care quality improvement and outcomes.

3. Accelerate time to market for new therapies with strategic portfolio modeling.

4. Predict market access and optimize resource allocation for new therapies.

5. Predict high risk patients for ACO (accountable care organization) and hospitals.

6. Leverage advanced analytics to reduce hospital readmissions.

3 Reasons the Nantucket Effect Impacts the Complex U.S. Healthcare System

At the end of the day you do what you get measured on. Nestled in one of the world’s most beautiful islands, rural Nantucket Cottage Hospital has become yet another example of how simple decisions by powerful people can negatively impact the complex healthcare system. What is going on? Under a complex Medicare hospital payment system, Nantucket Cottage’s rural designation has allowed the state of Massachusetts’ 81 other hospitals to collect an estimated $367 million annual bonus.


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